Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 13: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

Even less time to talk today, brothers and sisters. It’s the final countdown for me, with everything on the line. I got a decent amount of work done last week; as I said last entry, not 4000 words a day epicness, but about 1000 words a day mean I’ve got about the introduction, chapter 1, and most of chapter 2 polished up and nearly ready for presentation; as presentable as a rough draft gets, anyways. So if I can polish off chapter 2 today (the 26th), chapter 3 tomorrow (the 27th), and the Epilogue the day after that (the 28th), I should be set. It might be a challenge, but I can ask my committee for maybe an extra day or two–if they give me that, awesome, but if not, that’s OK too, since I at least have some stuff to show them. In any case, I’ll watch that Battletech stream at 5 PM today, and then spend the rest of the night down to the grindstone.

This also means that, one way or the other, next Friday it’ll be all over, and I’ll give all of you a full report on my progress. If my committee demands I give them something ASAP, then I’ll have finished all I can by Monday (the 29th), but if they give me a couple more days, I have about Wednesday (March 2) to work. So either way I’ll give y’all a munch lengthier battle report then! 😀


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