Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 10: In the Zone

Pretty good week for my dissertation, brothers and sisters. On Sunday my advisors seemed pretty happy with my progress, one said this was the “one foot in the other moment! Keep working at it!” and the other told me to keep my shoulder to the metal and keep the faith. So with that sort of encouragement I was pretty productive, got a little over a thousand words done per day this week on average! Not amazing, but it was reasonably steady progress. I’ll try to kick it up a notch by next week, though, maybe after relaxing a bit over the weekend cause XCOM 2 came out 8)

But yeah, I wanna get a reasonably complete rough draft–rough rough draft, I guess–before the end of this month, so around the 27th. I don’t think I have to worry about the literature review so much, cause I can always add it in later, so I can be satisfied with a rough chapter outline for my first draft of the intro. For the rest of it, I think I’ve just about gotten my direct analysis of the primary sources for each done, so next week will be spent tying that analysis in with all the secondary sources. That part will probably be harder, so I’ll need to put in more hours next week than I have this week to get the same amount of work done, but oh well. A Gunlord’s gotta do what a Gunlord’s gotta do.

Anyways, here’s something fun you guys might like. This is a picture of my room at the moment, to give you a bit of insight into the life of someone working on a dissertation XD


gunlords abode

So I’m working on the dissertation itself on my laptop, while my big screen TV is hooked up to my computer, playing the Theme of Guts from the Berserk TV series ( to give me some nice relaxing ambience while I work 8) Now that I’ve gotten everything set up on my new compy, though, I work on my dissertation there too and just leave the laptop off. :p 😀

Well, that does it for this update. Back to XCOM 2, then sleep, then polishing off the little bit of primary source organizing I have to do for the next couple of chapters, then a bit more XCOM 2 on Saturday, then hardcore work on the dissertation on Sunday~


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