Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 8: All over the place!

Another week, another dissertation update.

I’m not terribly unhappy with my progress these past 7 days, though not elated, either. Once again, I’ve managed to get about 1000 words done a day, on average, more or less. I think I have just about 20,000 words done total. That can be close to a 5th for a lot of history dissertations I’ve seen, which can be around 100,000 words, but I’ve also heard some dissertations can go as low as 50k! Not that it really matters, though…word count’s not so important as a vague indicator of completeness, the stuff you’re working on and the people on your committee will be the final arbiters of that. ;D

So how have I been writing? Well, as the title of this entry implies, I’ve been bouncing around a bit. Maybe it’s not advisable, but whenever I found myself getting frustrated/bored with one chapter, I skipped around to another…I have an idea of where I want all of them to go, now, so I’m not writing any of them blind–that’s good at least, right? I’ve found keeping my motivation and focus up to be the most difficult part of writing the dissertation (for reasons I may explain later), so even if I bounce around a little, so to speak, I think it’s worth it if it allows me to keep up a steady progress. So far I’m more or less at 10% done for chapters 1 (intro), 3, and 5, and 80% done with chapter 2 and 45% done for chapter 4 (rough estimates). Hopefully I’ll be able to bump all of those up next week 😀

As for what I’ve been listening to? Mainly music from the Berserk anime, such as these:

I’ve mainly been jamming to the OP theme (Tell Me Why), Gut’s Theme, and Forces. I dunno, call me crazy (and yeah, I’ll admit the OP might not seem fitting for a dark fantasy series like Berserk), but IMO those three songs capture the feeling of going on an epic journey, which this dissertation has been for me in some ways. XD

A brief entry, but it should be enough for now. See you next week, friends 😀


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