While you were away

Russia Without BS

For those of you who don’t know, Russia has ten days of public holidays starting on January 1st. Generally not much in terms of major news happens during this period, as the whole country kind of shuts down. As it turns out, I kind of shut down as well, thanks to the bitter cold and long periods of darkness. Nonetheless, there are a few updates I’d like to share. This also includes a lot of commentary that is the sum total of several days of having literally nothing to do. As such, you might want to tackle it in parts.

Russia Without BS in Russian!

Noodle Remover Alexei Kovalev generously volunteered to translate my latest piece on Russia! Magazine, entitled “Patronizing Patriotism,” and publish it on his blog. Apparently it’s a big hit, and I’ve seen a lot of positive feedback from Russian readers.

Naturally, the vatniks weren’t  too happy…

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