Gunlord’s Dissertation Saga, Episode 6: Endless Struggle

Another week, another update on how my dissertation is going. A bit of disappointment this Friday, but not too much. Let me tell you everything.

First, the bad: I wasn’t able to finish the first chapter of my dissertation, or even make much progress on it, making around an average of 500 words per night over the course of the past week. There were a few reasons, namely me being distracted by a lot of post-Christmas celebrations–New Years and the like.

The good news, however, is that I feel a little less pressure. See, my dissertation is scheduled to have 5 chapters–an intro, the three main chapters, and a conclusion/epilogue. However, since the intro and the conclusion are so reliant on what I write in the three main chapters, I figure I’ll have to rewrite them entirely based on the changes my advisors say to make to those three main ones. So I figure for January, I should just get usable drafts ready for those three chapters, which is a little more doable (just a little) than getting 5 chapters ready. As some friends have told me, there’s no real need to stress myself out excessively getting this done super soon…dissertations are supposed to take a long while 😀 Still, it is the new year, so I think my resolution will be to get more progress per day in January than I did in December. 😮
Short entry, but it’ll do for today. See you next week, everybody 😀

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