Gun fatigue

Perceptive thoughts on the Second Amendment debate–I especially liked the knife video!

Russia Without BS

Today’s post isn’t about Russia, but as a responsible ex-gun owner I felt I have to comment on recent events in America. Hopefully this will satisfy some of those “WHY COME YOU NEVER WRITE ABOUT THE WEST?!” folks.

I found out about the recent shooting in Oregon only because a friend here in Russia asked me about it on Facebook. I can’t really say much about the details because honestly I no longer pay much attention to these stories anymore. It’s just something that happens again and again, with the same results every time.

I remember a few days after the Aurora, Colorado cinema shooting I went to see a film in Moscow. The news of the Aurora shooting was fresh in my mind. The lights in the theater began to dim, and I thought about how great it is that I can just relax and enjoy a film without…

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