More horror novel hauls

Haven’t had a particularly good week, my friends–came down with some tummy troubles (lot of nausea, diarrhea, cramping, etc). Thankfully, I’m feeling better now, but for several days I couldn’t really do anything besides sit at home and read. This led to me buying a TON of horror books on Kindle–they’re fairly cheap (in most cases significantly cheaper than paperbacks) and easy to read on my phone, so I’m just addicted to them! XD Here they are:

1:Peekers, Kealan Patrick Burke

2: Shepherd’s Cross: A supernatural thriller , Mark White

3: Spook House , Michael West, Matthew Perry, Amanda DeBord
4: Don’t Look Inside , Spike Black
5: The Puller , Michael Hodges
6: The Aeschylus , David Barclay
9:  Inhabited, Ike Hamill
10: The Claiming, Ike Hamill
11: Lot 150, Billie Shoemate
12: Sightings, Mark Lukens
15: Ancient Enemy, Mark Lukens
16: Charnel House, Fred Anderson
17: Apparition, Michaelbrent Collings
18: Seal Cove, DiVitto Kelly
Quite a haul, eh? I didn’t manage to get through all of ’em–I wasn’t that sick–but I think I probably will over the coming days and weeks. I’ll see about giving y’all book reviews of at least a few of ’em. 😀


  1. Let your readership know which ones have the strongest recommendation from you. I don’t know about anyone else, but I am always looking for a solid horror novel to read. I recently finished both Tim Lebbon’s The Silence and Josh Malerman’s Bird Box and found them both perfect, apocalyptic-horror accompaniments to the other.

    1. Oh cool, thank you! I’ll have to check those out sometime 😀

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