Writing Log #21: Ahead of schedule!

Things are going pretty well in Gunlord land, my friends–not enough for a long entry, but just enough for a brief description of all the stuff I’ve managed to do!

First, in reference to Wayward Son: I’m almost done with chapter 77, a little less than half a month until it’s actually scheduled to be released! Feels good man 8) What to do with that extra free time…either work on chapter 78 or keep playing GTAV and Toukiden: Kiwami? Decisions, decisions XD But man, I can’t believe Wayward Son is almost done…just 3 to 5 more chapters left and 9 nears of my life will have come to a successful conclusion. That’s something for another post, though. XD

Second, in reference to my dissertation: I’ve begun, slowly but surely, to chip away at it. I’ve been bugging the Library of Congress to see what the procedure is for getting at their archives (do I need a card or something, or do they just let anyone in, and also do they let you duplicate stuff, etc.), and after I’m done with that, I’ll do the same for the other libraries I need to visit (or get stuff from) in Virginia, Philadelphia, North and South Carolina, etc. Right now, though, since they take a couple days to reply to emails, I’m also spending a lot of time at my local uni library getting all the secondary sources I looked at back in grad school. After I look through all of those, I may make a lil outline for my dissertation before I actually start doing hardcore research. The outline will give me some guidance as I make my way through the archives of primary sources, but it’ll also be flexible enough to accomodate a lot of change if I encounter any surprises in the archives! 😀

So, all in all, I’m pretty happy! Maybe I’ll give you another progress report next week, or maybe something else…we’ll see~


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  1. Cormag · · Reply

    I can’t believe it’s nearly done. Only 3-5 more chapters…I’m getting all sad now

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