Russia Without BS

This isn’t a FAQ in the traditional sense, but a handy guide of response to common vatnik arguments which I’ve been dealing with as of late, as well as some of the classics. Some of these arguments are more personalized, based on my own political beliefs, but I’ve tried to make them as general as possible so anyone can use them.

And lest anyone accuse me of killing straw men, keep in mind that these are more or less verbatim arguments I’ve seen, both in Russian and English, from Russians and foreigners, in comments and in articles from pro-Kremlin media. If you have some ultra-specific argument that doesn’t fall under one of these, put it in the comments.

Why don’t you write about the West? You think the West is perfect?  

I write about the West all the time. I’ve been anti-NATO and anti-EU for well over a decade…

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