If Your Straight Marriage Is Threatened By Gay Marriage, It’s Probably Time To Check Your Straight Marriage

john pavlovitz


Recently a straight Christian couple in Australia vowed to divorce if gay marriage is legalized there. While few people go to such extreme and public lengths in protest, they aren’t really breaking any new ground, as followers of Jesus have been arguing for decades that same-sex marriage essentially cheapens the sacred institution itself. Further (as we see in our Aussie friends) those same folks often make the claim that Gay Marriage as an entity actually adversely impacts their personal spousal partnership.

Of all the arguments you’ll ever hear on the subject, this one is easily the flimsiest and most frightening: that gay people marrying devalues anyone’s straight marriage, like a foreclosed house taking down property values in the neighborhood. Marriage isn’t a community exercise, it’s a lifelong covenant between two people; before God (if they claim faith) and before friends and loved ones as witnesses. They are not beholden to anyone but their spouse in honoring, nurturing…

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