Thoughts On The Gay Community, Humanity, And Why I’m Not An LGBT Ally

john pavlovitz


A year or so ago this blog post, about how I’d respond if I learned that my children were gay totally blew up, allowing me an almost instant audience with millions of people from around the world. My words weren’t revolutionary and they weren’t very different from ones I’d said many times before, but somehow the timing and the tone of the piece resonated with lots of people. As someone with a heart to see LGBT issues fully addressed in the Church, I was grateful.

As the post found its way all over social media and various news outlets began covering it as a personal interest story, two things began happening almost immediately. First, I was labeled as an LGBT ally and second, I was inundated with advice from scores of LGBT Christians on how I should now speak and behave in that official capacity.

As all sorts of perspectives poured in, some of the wisest words came from an…

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