My just reward after grad school

After all that hardcore work at grad school, my friends, it’s only fitting I get myself a reward, eh? I already mentioned most of this stuff in a previous entry, but here a pics of it! I ordered it all at grad school and had it mailed to me back home, here’s the packaging…

Picture amazon haul 1

And here’s all the stuff, all unwrapped:

Picture amazon haul 2

Noice, eh? 😀 To restate what I got in case you can’t read the titles off the pic:

1: Necrom, by Mick Farren: I loved this book as a kid.

2: Over Here (a history of WWI) and

3: Freedom from Fear (a history of WWII), both from David Kennedy. I read these from the library for my orals and liked them so much I wanted to own them!

4: Altered Pasts by Richard J. Evans. A book on alternate history from one of my favorite historians 😀


Jalali, Ali Ahmad
–I want to learn more about the Soviet-Afghan war.
I also want to learn more about New Haven’s history (I already bought 3 books about Yale history from the local Barnes and Nobles :D)
Got interested in reading “World of Ptavvs” after hearing about it from some kook’s blog. I suspect his interpretation of it was pretty far out; we’ll see when I read it. XD


Benton, Jim
I loved this book as a kid and wanted a new copy 😀
Another book on Nazi Germany I bought cause I really like Michael Burleigh.
I also want to learn more about the Korean War 😮
Again, got both books for learning about the Afghan War.
Professor Connolly wrote me a recommendation for grad school, so I always wanted to read his book and finally have the chance now >:O!!
Again, read this and loved it for my oral exams, so I wanted to own it 😀
More soviet-Afghan war goodness!


Weber, David
Some nice /m/echa on this list! I loved best of the bolos so I wanted to read this book as well 😀
Once again, more Korean War stuff~


The Coming of the Third Reich

Richard J. Evans

Evans, Richard J.
Evans, Richard J.
And of course BLOODBORNE 😀
Pretty cool, pretty cool 😉 See y’all later!


  1. Hammershlag · · Reply

    Looks like a great collection.

    You seem to have an interest in World War II History. Have you ever read The Forgotten 500 by Gregory Freeman? It’s one of my personal favorites.

  2. Hammershlag · · Reply

    And I’ve read The Battle Cry of Freedom. It’s a fantastic book, and James McPherson is one of the greatest historians of all time (my American Civil War professor had the privilege of meeting him).

    1. I ought to check that Freeman book out sometime 😀 And yeah, Mcpherson is great.

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