Summer, glorious summer!

Not a serious or heavy entry for you today, brothers and sisters. I’m just so happy I had to get this out right now!

I’ve made a summer entry before–just last year, in fact. However, the weather is so glorious–and the winter so long–that I think another entry full of praise for the summer is called for!

Much like last year, winter for 2014-2015 was all sorts of terrible. I was in New Haven, so I wasn’t *too* bad off (Buffalo was completely buried under snow, IIRC). Still, it lasted so long and got so cold, I was starting to get depressed! By the end of February, though, it was warming up a *little,* and though it remained cold throughout march, by the end of April snow was nowhere to be seen. And now, at the beginning of May, spring has fully bloomed! Heck, it’s gotten so hot in NH it feels like summer already! That’s fine by me, though. I LOVE the heat! It’s not *too* hot, as bad as it gets in Arizona or California. But it’s just hot enough that one feels a great deal of joy in walking around outside in shorts rather than a winter coat!

Honestly, that’s one of the most liberating things about the season for me–the ability to wear light clothing! Winter clothes are so heavy and stifling; so many layers and so many zippers. Warm summer clothes, on the other hand, are easy to put on and easy to move around in; my field of vision is no longer blocked by a thick winter hood, and mittens can’t interfere with my hands when I’m not wearing them! Perhaps it sounds a little silly, but it really adds to the sense of freedom I described in last summer’s entry. Thick winter clothes can feel like a chain of their own at times, or at the very least, a reminder that oppressive snow is always lurking overhead, prepared to foil one’s plans of leaving the house. Shorts and T-shirts, on the other hand, remind me at least of the lovely blue skies and beautiful green trees which await whenever I leave the house when it’s warm!

Of course, when comparing winter clothing to lighter summer wear, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the…salutary effects the latter has on all the pretty girls 😉

Aside from all that other good stuff, I’ve also had ANOTHER bit of liberation–I’m done with my teaching duties! Just graded my last papers and final exams earlier yesterday. While I have one more to grade (it was due a while ago but has an extension), for the most part I am DONE! That certainly makes me feel even more free, especially since all my students did really well this semester. 😀

Alas, while I may have gotten my grading duties done with, I still have much to do D: Aside from Wayward Son, Dragonar, reading all my books, fiddling around more with registration in absentia forms and such, and making blog entries, I also need to set up accommodations for all the traveling I’m soon to do. D: I need to read an INCREDIBLE amount of stuff on microfilm, so I’ll need a place to stay for at least 3 months in Washington DC…and then at Duke, NC…and then Virginia, and South Carolina…ugh ~_~

Ah, well. Such is life for a grad student. I’ll keep you updated with my quest to find long-term housing away from home, but until then, see ya next week!

One last thing, though: I’ve been having a TON of fun with Lego Digital Designer recently. Building spaceships and stuff without the expense of buying actual legos! Here’s one WIP:

Sphinx-class Carrier

Red is the ship hull, yellow is command centers, blue is weapons, and green is engines. 😀


  1. Hammershlag · · Reply

    Glorious indeed. I’m a New Yorker, so I know exactly how you felt this winter and how you feel this spring (though I for one enjoy wearing winter clothing, but I can probably attribute that to my clothier). I had my last final this morning, so I’m looking forward to breaking out my golf clubs and getting back out on the course.

    Well, I’m off to reread Paradise Lost (I just acquired a pocket-bible sized copy printed in 1860, so it’ll be a real joy to read even though I’ll need to wear gloves) and work on my own fanfics. Until next time!

    1. Nice! 😀

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