Epic, hilarious takedown of those alt-right, “RUSSIA STRONK” cuckolds. Traditional values indeed.

Russia Without BS

Back in March Russia watchers stood agape as St. Petersburg hosted an international conference of neo-fascists and far-right parties. This was not particularly surprising to me, as Russia has hosted such conferences numerous times over the years, and in fact these conferences were once known as the “White World Future” conference. “White World,” by the way, isn’t a reference to countries which experience significant snowfall in the winter. Also not at all surprising to me was the fact that this conference concluded without any hindrance from state investigatory or law enforcement organs, who are often able to find signs of “extremism” in the most innocuous expressions.

What was somewhat surprising to me, however, was how little these European and American Kremlin supporters actually know about the country they have decided is a bastion of traditional values and the last hope for Western civilization. It seems to me as though…

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