My response to Mr. Ghate

The Roads that I Travel

This is what objectivism by Ayn Rand is.

One of her followers who is a senior fellow and Chief Content officer at the Ayn Rand Institute Onkar Ghate wrote this following article as a rebuttal to those who pointed out Ayn Rand’s hypocrisy by claiming that the social security Ayn Rand received was a form of restitution.…/The-Myth-about-Ayn-Rand-and…

or at least a partial restitution. I disagree and here is why.

a. To have a society even a primitive one like the tribes in South America who haven’t been contacted someone has to be in charge. To maintain some semblence of order some government has to be instituted. Even the founding fathers agreed to this. Even George Washington said “GEORGE WASHINGTON SAID, “GOVERNMENT IS NOT REASON, IT IS NOT ELOQUENCE, IT IS FORCE. LIKE FIRE, IT IS A DANGEROUS SERVANT AND A FEARFUL MASTER”
He didn’t mean to get…

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  1. cubeangel · · Reply

    Gunlord, thank you for reposting my post. You have a pretty cool blog.

    1. You’re very welcome. I like reading critiques of Objectivism and yours was an enjoyable read.

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