Gunlord’s Greatest Triumph to Date

Like I said last week, my friends, I was pretty busy. But holy crap, did it pay off.

First off, I managed to finish the latest chapter of Wayward Son in just about 2 days. Check it out here:

This is important for two reasons. First, with its publication it pushed Wayward Son to over 1 million words! I am definitely pretty satisfied with myself for that. Length is surely not everything, of course, and there are 3 million word fanfics out there. However, it represents a significant accomplishment for me. I’m also thankful for all the support I’ve received from my friends everywhere–at here on WordPress, Livejournal, the CV Dungeon, etc. etc. etc. Thanks for everything, guys 😀

However, it also meant I had to write an impressive amount in a short span of time. I finished the chapter in about two days, and at 11,696 words, I wrote about just over 5000 words a day. Not as good as my 10k record, but not bad, comparatively. What really made it a success, though, was that I managed to finish it *while* acing my orals studies! I had to get through about 13 books/articles at the same time I was writing chapter 73, and I managed to read all of them and ace the assessments my professors asked for me!

So it was definitely a major triumph for me over the past couple of weeks. All in all, I haven’t successfully pulled off *that* much work in such a short span of time in quite a while. In fact, I think it may be the most amount of work I’ve ever successfully completed in a few days at once! So I’m definitely happy 😀 And even better, it’s SPRING BREAK! WOO-hoo! Now, I won’t be able to rest too much, as I’m still very busy. I got some midterms to grade, a prospectus to edit, and like 50 books to read by the end of March. But I will be able to rest a lil, and next week I’ll try to have a substantive post for you, maybe on the books I’m reading. But until then, my friends, stay well, and I hope things go as well for you as they did for me! ❤



  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    And what an achievement it is. Hope you have a great spring break, you deserve it!

  2. I’ve actually been on a Fire Emblem kick since getting snowed in and just recently started 7. I’ll have to give this a read sometime. It’s an impressive amount of writing!

    1. Thanks, brother! I’d much appreciate it 😀

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