Still so busy…

It’s been ages since I’ve had a chance to really make a good entry for all of you, my friends, but I yet remain swamped with work! Spring Break starts next week, though, so I hope I have time to make a better entry…at least after I get finished grading my classes’ coming midterm :D;;; For now, then, have two more pieces of artwork done by the ever wonderful Databunny, of!

018-kelitha sketch

This is Kelitha, a Pegasus Knight of the poor, snow-covered country of Ilia, featured in Fire Emblem 7 and 6. She’s an original character for my fanfic, Wayward Son, though. Pegasus Knights ride on Pegasi (in game, they’re valuable because they’re flying units and can traverse bad terrain easily), and she’s no exception. She’s mature and responsible, and also has a bit of a scholarly disposition, which makes her into something of a love interest for the protagonist of my fic, Renault. Alas, things don’t go well 😦

019-keith sketch

This is Keith, Kelitha’s younger sister. She’s also a Pegasus Knight from Ilia, and she’s also bouncy and energetic, with a strong sense of justice. As you might be able to discern from her short hair and boyish physique, she gets mistaken for a boy every now and then, which causes her no end of consternation XD Renault and Braddock eventually come to have sort of a “big brotherly” relationship to her, but alas, they prove unable to protect her, as you’ll see in the fic 😦

Anyways, that about does it for today. I probably won’t have anything more substantive for you next week, aside from maybe some general pieces of advice on grading college exams I’ve come across in my time as a teaching assistant, but the week after next…maybe that’ll be some good stuff. XD


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