Triumph…but the struggle never ends

Monday was a good day for me, my friends. Managed to have a good meeting with my professor after getting through around 30 books over the past two days. He was pretty impressed by my progress and said I did an excellent job, for a first timer–if I keep it up I ought to do well on my oral exams! His section of the orals exams, at least XD Alas, work hasn’t let up on me *quite* that much this week, either. I did have a bit of a respite, though, and I’ve managed to get through most of my readings for next Monday–I just have to polish off a couple more books and I’ll be done! 😀 Then I gotta grade some papers, and work on my prospectus, and other stuff…my professors weren’t kidding when they said the third year was the toughest! So much to do x-x Well, I’m hanging on, at least, and more than barely, so that’s good. 😀

That’s not quite the subject of this entry, however. I was more thinking about how I’ve been reacting to these developments. I was feeling quite happy after my good showing in the “pre-orals” study session I had on Monday, so even though it wasn’t much of a holiday I decided to celebrate! That consisted of going out to eat at an expensive restaurant (the Union League Cafe-best French food in the area) and then listening to some upbeat music while I continued to study. Here’s what I’ve been listening to constantly ever since Monday:

Sorcerian, for those of you who don’t know, is an old school Japanese RPG series from Falcom, the same guys who make the Ys games. I think fewer Sorcerian games were released in the U.S, (though I’m not sure if *none* were released in English at all) but as you can tell, the music’s great, especially these arranged versions, so that’s why I listen to them so much 😀 Anyways, guys, how about all of you? What kinda stuff do you do to celebrate, not necessarily holidays but good things happening? “D

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