More Wayward Son art~

Hey guys! Been super busy this Friday, and alas, haven’t ran into any reall pithy quotes in my reading that I thought would be good for this blog. So for today, I’ll be falling back on the work someone else has done–namely, the most excellent Databunny, who’s made some more sketches for me! 😀 😀

First, here’s one of the villains, the Wyvern Knight Dougram, with his steed. And he is named and based off of Yazan Gable from Zeta Gundam XD

015-Yazan Sketch

Second, here’s a more sympathetic character, the Sword Master Dougram (named after the anime I like, haha)

016-Dougram Sketch

And here’s one of Renault’s teammates: Harvery, the Assassin! He’s wholly original 😀

017-Harvery sketch

Hope you liked these! Next week I’ll DEFINITELY have some more free time, so hopefully I’ll have something more for you…unless Databunny makes me some cool new art, of course, in which case itll be another art post! 😀 XD

One comment

  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    Love these! Dougram’s just like I pictures him. Harvery’s quite different though 😀

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