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Russia Without BS

When it comes to cliche op-eds these days, the main staples tend to be America’s going to collapse like Rome, there’s a new Cold War with Russia, and millennials are screw-ups because they were always told they were special and they got trophies simply for participating. It’s that third, slow-news-day, filler editorial I’d like to tackle in this off-topic post today.

First of all, I staunchly maintain that I am not a millennial. I am one of the last Gen Xers, if you want to get technical about it, and I insist you do. Indeed, many anti-millennial rants lump me in with “Generation Y,” but there’s one crucial detail the writers of such rants omit when they do this, namely, they forget that they are complete and utter morons. I am in my early 30’s and have very little in common with someone who graduated college even a few years…

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  1. lol nice!

    Though I’ll say, I think labeling kids as gifted/normal/delayed, especially in the early years, isn’t much better than saying every kid is special is giving trophies for effort. Though, this is me, but I’ve never had that experience. No one ever gave me a trophy for effort or anything like that 😛

    If anything my elementary teachers thought I was retarded, then for some reason I stopped being retarded once puberty hit 😛

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