The Holidays~

Christmas is coming friends, and even if you don’t celebrate it, this season has something pretty much everyone can related to–cold weather and sales! Well, I suppose folks in places like Australia have hot weather right now (XD) but I do know they have holiday sales and stuff over there. In my case, I don’t do too much shopping, but I am looking forward to Steam’s holiday sales: Got a TON of stuff on my wishlist I plan to buy when prices drop for Christmas! I’ve still got a little while before that happens, though…just gotta wait ;_;

Back to the weather, though, I suppose this is one of those times I’m grateful to live in New Haven at the moment. My hometown of Buffalo was absolutely lambasted by the snow, as I’m sure some of you might have heard on the news.Over here, however, despite the chilly temperatures, I haven’t actually seen much snow at all. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t much care for snow myself, since snow days, for me, are just an inconvenience XD So perhaps I should count myself lucky that New Haven winters are milder than Buffalo ones. 😀



  1. The Steam sales have begun! What’re you planning on nabbing, if you don’t mind me asking? S’okay if I add you on Steam too?
    And heh, I’m the opposite with snow. I love it, but it doesn’t really snow in Portlaoise/the general Laois area. No problem with snow anywhere else normally. Like I remember one year there was a blizzard that blanketed Ireland in like 4-5 feet of snow, but Laois was the only area that had no snow, just ice. Lots and lots and lots of ice.

    1. Awesome, a /m/anly subber! Yeah, feel free to add me, I’m Gunlord500 on Steam too 😀

      My wishlist is stuff that’s on sale, like Gettysburg: Ultimate General, Dungeons of Dredmor, Baldur’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition, stuff like that 😀

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