As I mentioned in my last entry, friends, I’ve had a pretty productive couple of weeks. I managed to finish off the second draft of my prospectus (which they’re still reading), and I also managed to finish chapter 70 of Wayward Son! I released it with only 15 minutes of December 1st left to spare, and ended up writing close to 6000 words on that same day (not as high a number as my record of 11,000, but the highest I’ve gotten in a single day for quite a while). So I’m feeling pretty accomplished, especially since today was also the last day of the class I’m TAing for! All in all I’ve had a great semester, all things considered 😀

So I decided to celebrate, which for me meant going out to eat. I started off with a yummy meal of salt and pepper calamari, and then went to an Italian place I’d never been to before to have some orrechiete, which was very good (check out Fornarelli’s in New Haven if you can).  Then I spent some of the rest of the day playing Mount and Blade on Steam. Still, no rest for the Gunlord, I suppose…I might not have gotten feedback on my dissertation prospectus yet, but I have gotten feedback on my orals lists, so I’m making modifications to those. Maybe I’ll post about ’em later. But for now, just wanted to make a post about celebrating a success, although I suppose a couple of meals at a couple of restaurants isn’t much of a celebration. Maybe that’s just my personality, though XD I suppose I would open this up to the readers of my blog, though, and I know I have at least a couple: What do you guys do to celebrate good things/events in your lives? 😀



  1. Hmmm…I tend to indulge myself to celebrate – maybe buy that candy bar that I really want to eat, or splurge on some hot cocoa. Usually I plan some kind of social outing too, like a lasertag game with friends or going to a party. Personally, I think your method of splurging on some restaurants and winding back with some games is an awesome way to celebrate 😛

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