Monthly Archives: November 2014

Not much progress, but some…

Somewhat disappointed today, friends, but not too badly so. I haven’t gotten as much work done on my various projects as I’d liked, as I’ve been very busy taking care of some things for a class I’m teaching. However, I’ve managed to accomplish two things: 1: Just about finish up an approximately 5000 word summary […]

More Wisdom On Moving To A New Place

As I mentioned last week, friends, I moved into a new apartment recently. Couldn’t say much since I was so busy, but things have calmed down a little and now I’ve gotten a bit of free time. So let me provide you with a handful of insights I’ve managed to glean over the course of […]

Sweet Potato, Celeriac, and Spinach Risotto

Originally posted on The Culinary Adventures of an Average Girl:
You can probably tell I’m slightly obsessed with celeriac at the moment, what with the way I’m using them in all my recipes. As a self-professed carnivore, the discovery that there are not only edible but also tasty vegetables out there has been nothing short of revolutionary.…