Everyone a very special, unique victim

Russia Without BS

Trigger warnings: Words, paragraphs without indentation, reality

Guys, I have a story to tell you. Remember when you were a little kid and your kindergarten class or Sunday school was having a sing along? When you were older, did you sing pop songs of your youth with your other teenage friends? Fun, right? Maybe for you, with your privilege. For me those experiences were hell. Pure, Auschwitzian hell.

You see, I have a rare condition, a disability in fact, which makes it almost impossible for me to understand the lyrics to songs. To my ears, everyone is singing like Kurt Cobain, and I can only hope to approximate the words as I hear them. Obviously if I read the lyrics I can then decipher them by ear, but since I don’t actually hear them most of the time I tend to forget the words and go back to my…

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One comment

  1. Я люблю русскую культуру, но не поддерживаю Путина :/

    Kurt Cobain’s music isn’t bad, though 😛

    BTW, dota writes for ROK now!!! 😀 (yeah he changed his name for it “per ROK policy”


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