Not much progress, but some…

Somewhat disappointed today, friends, but not too badly so. I haven’t gotten as much work done on my various projects as I’d liked, as I’ve been very busy taking care of some things for a class I’m teaching. However, I’ve managed to accomplish two things:

1: Just about finish up an approximately 5000 word summary of the first half of Wayward Son for an artist friend of mine who’s drawn up some awesome drawings and sketches of several characters from my fic. She hasn’t actually read it, though; I commissioned her from Tumblr and she’s not a Fire Emblem fan specifically. So I wrote it up to help her understand more about what she’s drawing. I’ll show you guys her pics when I can find some time to upload em 😀

2: Began some revisions on my dissertation prospectus! For the past few weeks I’ve been doing a bit more research where I can, poring through some sources my advisers recommended me to, but I also got word back from some nice people at the Library of Congress–my advisers asked me to make sure several repositories I planned to do research at were accessible, so I checked with the LoC and got a positive answer! So that’s good, now I just gotta put that information into the second draft of my prospectus. Then I gotta start working on the rest of the second draft…XD

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  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    More pictures! Yes!!!!

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