Sweet Potato, Celeriac, and Spinach Risotto

The Culinary Adventures of an Average Girl

You can probably tell I’m slightly obsessed with celeriac at the moment, what with the way I’m using them in all my recipes. As a self-professed carnivore, the discovery that there are not only edible but also tasty vegetables out there has been nothing short of revolutionary. Celeriac’s great because you can do so much with it – I’ve used them in roasts, stews, soups, and now risotto. For those of you who are wary of it because of the obvious similarity to celery (ewwww) in its name, I won’t lie: it does taste very, very slightly like celery. Think celery, but watered down ten times. Which, okay, admittedly does sound a little gross, but I promise it’s actually super delicious when you get down to it, and is complemented perfectly by the light sweetness of the sweet potato.

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