Neo-Confederate Christians and the Continued Curse of the Lost Cause

Good post from a friend of mine about Christianity and the Lost Cause of the Confederacy.

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“By the time of the [Civil] War, the leadership of the South was conservative, orthodox, and Christian,” and that the leadership of the North had become “radical and Unitarian.” While the Confederates were righteous, “the abolitionists in the North were ‘wicked’ and ‘driven by a zealous hatred for the Word of God.’” Steven Wilkins and Douglas Wilson

A couple of years ago washed up rocker, draft dodger and professional muckraker Ted Nugent made the comment that he wondered if it would have been better that the South had won the Civil War. The statement was met with outrage by many, but it reflected still small, yet growing and troubling trend in some parts of the American Christian Church. The statement above is an example of that thought and shows the revisionism and dishonest “scholarship” of the Christian Neo-Confederates. The dishonesty and lack of truth in this quote, which is typical…

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  1. Weirdest thing ever: neo-confederates who are supposedly freedumb loving libertarians. Okay, it’s not that weird. But still WTF.

    See Tom DiLorenzo


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