Cultural appropriation

Russia Without BS

In general, I have never been the most fashion-conscious person. Occasionally I make exceptions, albeit usually very late. One of those exceptions is the keffiyeh. Keffiyehs are fucking awesome. They are extremely useful in a variety of ways and they go with all sorts of clothes whether its camouflage on the airsoft field, casual day-to-day wear, or even with a semi-formal overcoat.  So recently I was looking for different ways to wear keffiyehs and I ran across this crock of shit. Apparently a keffiyeh is an article of clothing “white people” shouldn’t wear.

Now I was a bit shocked by this, if only because unlike most ignorant Americans, I am aware that many Arabs fit the phenotypical description which typically identifies one as “white” in America, and it is America and perhaps Canada who get to label and classify the world according to their own socially constructed views.  In…

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  1. An interesting piece. for a second I thought you were the writer, and was thinking that I didn’t realize you were into Russian politics, LOL. Вы понимаете меня… я плохо говорю по-русский :/

    I usually don’t have a problem with people wearing ‘stuff’ not from their ‘culture.’ Though I do when it’s in a mocking sort of way, such as black-face or wearing kimonos while pulling their eye corners :/

    1. Nah, the author, Big Bill Haywood, is a friend of mine. OH! BTW, you’d like these pieces, I bet:

      And you will LOVE this. In fact, I’mma post it at other places too, this is great:

      1. On my phone I’ll get to other links later

  2. Anyway, thanks for the links, I did indeed enjoy them 🙂

    I wonder if you noticed this, but there is a good amount of Putin-fetishizing in the reactionary manuresphere, and this guy put it into words. I’m pretty neutral about Russian politics, though I enjoy studying the language, and even I noticed that. Sometimes, it can even seem like the only people in the West who express that kind of sentiment are reactionaries as well :/ Почему, я не знаю.

    Maybe you’ve noticed this as well, but there is a pretty big reactionary streak in the Paleo Diet scene. In fact, I sort of, well, discovered the paleo diet through reactionaries. Funnily enough, I discovered it through a Russophile reactionary XD. That “hawaiian libertarian'” guy writes about it a LOT, in addition to typical manosphere tripe. WTF…

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