Cultural appropriation


  1. An interesting piece. for a second I thought you were the writer, and was thinking that I didn’t realize you were into Russian politics, LOL. Вы понимаете меня… я плохо говорю по-русский :/

    I usually don’t have a problem with people wearing ‘stuff’ not from their ‘culture.’ Though I do when it’s in a mocking sort of way, such as black-face or wearing kimonos while pulling their eye corners :/

    1. Nah, the author, Big Bill Haywood, is a friend of mine. OH! BTW, you’d like these pieces, I bet:

      And you will LOVE this. In fact, I’mma post it at other places too, this is great:

      1. On my phone I’ll get to other links later

  2. Anyway, thanks for the links, I did indeed enjoy them 🙂

    I wonder if you noticed this, but there is a good amount of Putin-fetishizing in the reactionary manuresphere, and this guy put it into words. I’m pretty neutral about Russian politics, though I enjoy studying the language, and even I noticed that. Sometimes, it can even seem like the only people in the West who express that kind of sentiment are reactionaries as well :/ Почему, я не знаю.

    Maybe you’ve noticed this as well, but there is a pretty big reactionary streak in the Paleo Diet scene. In fact, I sort of, well, discovered the paleo diet through reactionaries. Funnily enough, I discovered it through a Russophile reactionary XD. That “hawaiian libertarian'” guy writes about it a LOT, in addition to typical manosphere tripe. WTF…

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