Writing Log #20: Bringing Things Together (Inspiration)

Not much to report this week, friends. I got a *little* bit of work done on chapter 70 of Wayward Son this week, but I happened to make a comparatively large amount of progress today. I got maybe a couple hundred words done per day over the past week, but this Friday, I finished just about a thousand in the last hour! I’m pretty happy about that, while I think I’ll take a little break today to play some League of Legends, I should be able to make significant progress on the chapter–if not finish it entirely–this weekend.

What explains the luck I’ve had today? Well, I think it may be that I’ve hit on a good source of inspiration–one that also works very well from a “fanfiction” standpoint, that is to say, it helps to tie in my fic with the world of Fire Emblem 7 very well.

As I’ve mentioned in previous entries, one of the reasons for my writer’s block, IMO, is that the current narrative arc of Wayward Son is a little “unfocused,” so to speak. Renault, the protagonist, currently doesn’t have an enemy to fight or something to struggle against, as most of the chapters now are more “slice of life” and intended to flesh out the world of Fire Emblem 7 than they are about big battles and fight scenes. Since conflict is at the heart of any story, lack of it makes something like Wayward Son hard to write and possibly boring for the reader. However, I think I’ve managed to cut through that issue a bit with my latest bout of inspiration in Chapter 70.

This set of chapters involves Renault traveling around the land of Elibe (Fire Emblem 7’s setting). In-story, the arc is intended to have him interact with a wide variety of people and cultures, to display how he’s slowly shedding his previous racism and prejudice against various groups of people. For the reader, it’s intended to flesh out a lot of the countries and cultures of Fire Emblem 7 (the countries of Ilia, Sacae, etc.) and provide a lot of background information on them (primarily of my own invention) that the game doesn’t show too much of.

I found a way to do that while adding in explicit references to Fire Emblem 7! See, in Chapter 70, Renault was supposed to travel around Sacae. I was having trouble figuring out a reason for him to hang around that country for so long, since at the moment he’s searching for someone named Juge, but then FE7 gave me an idea. One of the early stages of that game has you visit a shrine in Sacae which holds a powerful weapon called the Mani Katti, holy to the people of Sacae, and later on you get a weapon called the Sol Katti, its “partner.” It’s never explained where the Sol Kati came from, so I wondered if it might have a shrine in Sacae similar to the Mani Katti’s. Then I started to wonder if there might not be similar weapons lying around Sacae, and came up with the idea of having several shrines scattered around the country, all holding “Katti” type weapons, which Juge traveled to and which Renault would also travel to, following his quarry’s footsteps. Since Sacae is a big country, that meant I could have Renault following Juge’s trail for several years, which is enough time for him (and the reader) to learn more about Sacaean religion and culture.

So, not only was I able to find a way to directly reference Fire Emblem 7 in my fanfic, I was able to provide a frame and reasoning for spending a long time in this arc, while setting up a distinct journey for Renault to undertake with defined destinations. I think that worked out very well…quite a lot of things accomplished in one go. 😀

That said, who knows, maybe I would have been better off jettisoning *all* of this proposed arc, condensing it MASSIVELY, and having just one chapter with short vignettes on Sacae, Ilia, and the other countries, sort of like a couple other of my large “years/decades/centuries long journeys” chapters, namely chapters 12, 44, and 49. Heck, I might be able to do that with a couple other planned arcs in the future, too…which might take the total number of chapters down from an estimated 90 to 80, perhaps even 77. Maybe that would be too much compression, though…XD

But anyways, hope you found this writing log *particularly* interesting today, friends. A bit more hefty than my previous writing logs, with a bit more insight into my writing style and rationale. If anybody, even one person, learned anything from it, I’d be gratified. ❤


  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    Oh goody! I don’t want WS to be THAT soon to finishing! To quote Mr. Miyamoto, “A bad game is bad forever.” If you spend a few more months on this, it may be more fulfilling in life knowing you went that extra mile 😀

  2. penis Whitaker · · Reply

    Dis blog sux. Quit b4 ppl start pelting u with rotten vegetables.

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