Annoyance with Hewlett-Packard

No writing log today, my friends–I didn’t get any work done on my fic at all this week! I have a good excuse, though: Things are looking up for my grad school career! I spent most of the past few days meeting with professors and talking about my proposed project with them, and it seems I might have finally gotten myself a cool committee! Now, I’m certainly not out of the woods yet, as my prospectus needs lots of revision before I can really set it up for the dissertation defense–and after that, I gotta take my orals! ;____; Still, at the very least, I’m making progress on my academic work, so that’s encouraging. And I should be free for most of this weekend, so I’ll try to spend that free time on my fanfic, if I can 😀

Anyways, just a minor technology-related bit of venting for you guys today. Not about my laptop, thankfully, it’s still working like a charm. It’s my printer that’s annoying me. See, I’ve had to print out several copies of my dissertation prospectus, which is about 48 pages long. In the process of doing so, I’ve run through nearly two black ink cartridges! Even on draft quality (not high or even normal quality), 48 pages of plain, 12 point Times New Roman text eats up just under half of its ink. The printer I’m using is the HP Envy 4500 All-In-One Machine. I got it because I needed something that could both scan and print, and while the machine does both of those things well enough, it’s pretty irritating that it runs out of ink so fast. The cartridges cost anywhere from 10 to 15 bucks (I got some off for about 13.90, because no place within walking distance sells them at a better price), so it’s not exactly a minor investment if they run out so quickly. I think HP has some special registration deal or something for ink, but I don’t want to deal with that…ugh. Well, in any case, if you’re thinking of a printer, the HP Envy All-In-One *works,* but the limited capacity of its ink cartridges gets VERY annoying very fast.

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