Wisdom on moving to a new place

No writing done at all this week, my friends–getting set up at grad school was more chaotic than I expected! I managed to get a new room that’s MUCH better than my old one, but as a result, I have to move all my stuff over there, pay some room changing bills, change up my keys, and buy some new furniture to fill up my big new room! I’m pretty pleased, my apartment is pretty swank, all things considered, but still, it meant I couldn’t do any writing on either Wayward Son or my academic stuff ;_; So no writing log for you this week, my friends, though maybe next week. Over this weekend  I’ll try to finish one little academic thing I had to do, then over the course of the next week both do reading for my classes and see how much progress I can make on Wayward Son. We’ll see how that goes…

For now, though, I’ll just leave you with this bit of wisdom: Whether you’re moving to a dorm in graduate school, or anywhere else, for that matter, moving can be expensive! I had figured I’d have to buy more furniture and stuff, but I hadn’t thought I’d be trying to get my room changed. As a result, I’ve run up a lot of extra expenses I hadn’t initially anticipated paying. I’m just thankful I had a lot of money saved up, cause my paycheck (stipend) isn’t gonna start rolling in till the 15th. So that’s my advice to anyone moving into a new place: If you can, always have a good little chunk of spare change stored up before you take the plunge! You never know if there’ll be unexpected bills, repairs, losses, or whatever. As the old saying goes, expect the unexpected! So be prepared and take precautions 😀

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