Gunlord’s Writing Method

Alright, everybody, since my friend Cormag asked, here’s a brief outline of the writing method I use, for Wayward Son, at least.

First, I look at my “big outline.” It’s a word document I have on my computer that lists every unwritten chapter of Wayward Son (up to 90), along with a place-holder title (VERY subject to change) and a VERY brief description of what the chapter should be (i.e “Renault goes to a monastery,” “Renault meets character X,” and so on).

Then, I briefly reacquaint myself with the immediately preceding chapters, just going over them quickly to figure out just where I left off.

Then I start making an outline of the chapter itself. If you’ve read my stories, you’ll notice I separate all my scenes with these little Xs:


Well, when I’m writing, those little Xs come first. In between them are brief descriptions of all the sections I plan to write. An outline for a Wayward Son usually looks something like this:

Chapter Title

Brief description of opening section–something like, “opening battle, Renault fights X, talks to Y,” and so on


Brief description of next section–“battle continues in another scene, a few days later Renault talks to Z,” and so on.


Another section


Yet another section!


Concluding section, brief description of what the “hook” for the next chapter will be

::Linear Notes::

Once I’ve got all that done, it’s just a matter of sitting down and getting it all out. I just start pounding away, turning these brief little paragraphs of outlines into dialogue, action, and story a word at a time, about 40 words a minute. Sometimes I add sections if I’m feeling inspired, other times remove them if I’m not, but that’s generally my writing method. I’ll talk a bit more about the circumstances under which I’m most productive later. For now, this will suffice as a brief overview of my writing method 😀



  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    Fascinating! I may have to try this sometime to see how it works for me. I am pretty bad at planning. This helps a lot, thanks! Can’t wait for the end of the month XD

  2. Gunlord, I thought you might like this:

    Haha, remember that steve sailer anti-blond thing cinzia talked about? What an absolute shithead

    1. I don’t usually read the GMP, but I’ll check out that article, thanks.

      Hmm…I gotta be honest, though (and not to be unfriendly, I like you and consider you a friend) it’s kinda weird to have manosphere-related commentary on non-manosphere entries. I think I might make a stickied page up top for you and anyone else who’s interested to leave links about manosphere stuff–or anything else–that doesn’t pertain to an entry I’ve written or doesn’t quite fit in with anything else. 😮

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