New Haven…New Haven has changed.

It’s been two days since I’ve made my return to grad school. Like I said last entry, aside from some problems with my room the transition hasn’t been too hard. As I’m settling myself in, however, I was saddened to notice one thing:

Several of the restaurants I loved are gone.

I’m not sure I’m a “foodie,” but as you can tell from my tumblr, I certainly do enjoy food. One thing I loved about my school’s city, New Haven, was the wide variety of excellent restaurants it harbored. I’d go out to eat almost every day, and while it was expensive, I certainly got my money’s worth in culinary pleasure. XD I even wrote down long reviews of the places in a little notebook I brought with me. I should have posted them up on the Internet much sooner (I wrote all of them two years ago), but oh well.

The thing is, however, that as I take my daily walks and reacquaint myself with this town, I’ve found several of my highly-rated eateries to be absent! The little Au Bon Pain and Educated Burgher near Yale’s Hall of Graduate Studies have shuttered. Ibiza’s (one of my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE places) has closed. Central Steakhouse has gone away. The little Brazilian restaurant, Palmeira’s, is no more. And there are probably a few more I’ve forgotten, too!

It certainly is a little depressing, but not all is lost. These restaurants are being replaced! Someplace called “Broadway #1” is going to take Au Bon Pain’s place. Palmeira is now a cool little jazz nightclub I’m going to check out one of these days. Central Steakhouse is gonna become an Italian place. And I’ve seen a sign for “Olea” in Ibiza’s former windows. There’s also a cool new cafe near the Hall of Graduate Studies called “Maison Mathis” I hadn’t seen before. Gonna try it out when I can.

It remains to be seen whether or not any of these places are as good (IMO) as their predecessors. Broadway and Olea’s haven’t opened yet, the signs just say they’re coming and no more. Still, we can always hope. And that, I suppose, is the lesson one can take from these silly little musings. Change can be distressing (and in the case of those graver than restaurants closing, hard to deal with), but not inevitably for the worst. Even if you’re used to something, its disappearance may not be an utterly devastating blow. You never know if it might come back, or if it might be replaced by something as good or better. Nothing’s certain, of course, but you can always hope, like I do. It’ll at least keep you going through the day 😀

Anyways, who knows? Maybe I’ll post up my old ristorante reviews here…and then make some new ones! Probably not for a while, though, as I’m busy busy. We’ll see XD

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