Fulham, To Arms

Nice review, hope to write a few of my own like this sometime.

The Culinary Adventures of an Average Girl


^ That pretty much sums up my life.

(JOKES. I love cooking and baking – it’s the washing up that I abhor. Though, TBF,  long prep time is a pain when you’re starving.)

Which is why eating out is possibly the best thing in the world. You get amazing (erh, depends) food delivered straight to you in under ten minutes, and you don’t even have to do the dishes!

Just, y’know, don’t think too much about how light your wallet feels after.

In any case, The Harwood Arms in Fulham is rated as one of the best pubs in London, and the only one with a Michelin star. My boyfriend and I had lunch there today – by quite the stroke of luck, given that trying to get a table there is nigh on impossible. I rang them up on Tuesday and was lucky enough to snag a table due to a cancellation…

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  1. I swear gunlord, emma the emo has the weirdest commenters


  2. Sad as it is, I have to give that guy credit for saying “IF given the chance I probably wouldn’t do it.” More than a few manosphere loons almost certainly would. D:

  3. When you said judgybitch has gone off the deep end, who’d you hear it from? I choose not to follow her except through filters because holyyyyyy fuck

    1. It’s her behavior recently. She fabricated some statements and put them in Jessica Valenti’s mouth and she’s also been accusing another blogger, David Futrelle, of being a “pedophile apologist” and similar nonsense. It’s mainly on twitter. Like I said, she keeps this up and she’ll be looking at a libel suit sooner rather than later.

      1. “Accusing David of being a pedophile apologist”

        1- projection much?
        2- my irony meter just exploded

        Lol, If the mras get any more pedophile-apologist, they’ll turn into nambla. Have you see the shit some of the ‘big’ mras say, like Tom Martin?

      2. Oh, yeah, I know. They’re just calling him a pedo apologist to deflect attention away from their own pedo apologia.

        Now, to make things clear, I do think there’s a lot of irrationality and scaremongering regarding pedophilia. I argued with a feminist recently who thought hot springs/onsen scenes from anime were “sexualizing children” or something silly like that. But manodrones are often far, far crazier. The hell with little girls, I’ve seen one defend man-boy relations. At least a few of them aren’t just “close to” NAMBLA, they’ve dropped off that ledge entirely.

      3. Is it possible to sue someone with an unknown identity? I say so cause I don’t think Janet Bloomfield is her actual name. Though I guess this is one if those cases where doxxing is for a good reason.

    2. If that isn’t her real identity–and she could be just an effective sockpuppet–one would have to find it out to take legal action against her, yes. I strongly oppose doxxing in most circumstances, but libel is a serious crime. If she continues to spread those malicious rumors and fabricated statements, it may be justified to find out who “she” (in case it’s actually someone else’s created persona) really is.

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