Writing Log #16: Bad News and Good News

First the bad news: Didn’t manage to get chapter 69 done this week, though I made a bit of progress on it.

Now, the good news: Struck by inspiration, I got some solid work done on outlines for the next few chapters (up  to 73)! That makes up for it, IMO 😀 I won’t spoil you guys, but suffice it to say I think I have some good ideas about characters, plot points, and how to move the story forwards. Not sure I’ll be able to finish a lot in the brief time I have until I have to move back to my grad school dorm, but once I get back there I should be able to make lots more progress.

So for the next week I think I’ll hold off on the writing, just concentrate 100% on getting ready for my big return. I gotta do lots of things:

1: Packin!

2: Back up all the data on my computer

3: Buy living supplies I need

4: Send out some emails to my profs

5: Put some more money in my bank account

6: Get some registration stuff out of the way

So that’ll keep me busy…next week, rather than a writing report, I think I may do a brief post on setting myself up at a new place. 😀

P.S: Since my friend Hero asked me to write about him…hi Hero! You’re a cool guy 😀



  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    I’ve been curious for a while, how exactly do you go about writing chapters? What’s your method?

    1. I’ll make a post on it this Friday 😀

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