Writing Log #15: Updates and a bit of progress…

First off, updates! 😀



At least I’m updating my chapters on time…which is probably a bit more than I can say for the progress of my actual writing itself. I’m glad to have finished 68, but writer’s block is at it again with chapter 70…as I said last post, I don’t have as clear an idea of where I wanna go with the next few chapters as I did with the previous few. ;_; Looks like my previous goal of getting up to chapter 77 was quite unrealistic, at this point I’m just hoping to get to chapter 70 before the end of August.

However, I have made *some* progress on 69, and more than that, I wonder if it’s a good thing if I don’t finish up the whole fic before heading off back to grad school in a couple weeks. As I’ve also mentioned before, it’ll be easier for me to write in general over there, as that environment is quieter and freer of distractions. The change in scenery might also give me some more inspiration, as well. Finally, even though I’ll be super-busy, I can’t just study all the time in perpetuity…I’ll burn myself out that way. Working on fanfiction may well be a good way for me to steam off some stress and keep myself from going crazy. Perhaps balancing both my scholarly work and my “side gigs” (so to speak XD) will keep me more productive with both 😀

Still, I’m not gonna give up entirely…I have ’till the 15th. While I’m readying for the Big Move, I’ll try to get as much writing done on my fanfic as I can, too. Hopefully I’ll be able to at least get started on 70…

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