Writing Log #12: Progress

Hmm…still not going quite as fast as I’d like, but I suppose I can’t complain. A few thoughts about my progress so far, and a few on why it’s not quite as fast as I expected.

First, I think I’m just about done with chapter 67. It was giving me a lot of trouble, but if I’ve finally finished it (I just have to make some corrections and add a bit at the end, which I’ll do before I release it, so I consider it pretty much finished). Jeez, I must have added and removed…well, not a bunch, but a whole lot of sections! There was originally supposed to be a fight scene and a confrontation with a certain character (you’ll see who it is when I release the chapter itself–it’s a new character, don’t worry). I ended up removing both, though, because chapter 68 is going to be very intense. I didn’t want to pack too much intense action into a part of the story which is supposed to be more sedate, since Renault needs a lot of time to recover and really steady himself on the path of peace.

Still, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, maybe this is why things are going slow. I don’t recall having to make so many revisions when I was really inspired and writing a ton a day.  Maybe it’s not so bad, since all authors (both of fiction and non-fiction) should revise, revise, revise. But it’s still time consuming…T_T

Work on chapter 68, however, is going well. I got 2000 words done yesterday, which isn’t great, but since it’s a short chapter I might be able to have it done by today and tomorrow–which is just the sort of speed that would satisfy me for these month. I had to make a few edits to it as I was working on it last night too…not as many as I had to make for chapter 67, but a few, mainly changing the order of events. Hopefully I’ll have better luck with this…


Oh, also, I almost forgot: After years of resistance, I finally got myself a Twitter and Tumblr! I’ll post my thoughts on both platforms later, but I’ll say this for now: I understand why Tumblr has its bad reputation, but if you’re smart about what people and tags you follow, it can actually be pretty useful. Smaller fandoms, like for the Vision of Escaflowne anime, are very chill and laid back, none of that far-left “DIE CIS SCUM” silliness you’d see elsewhere. As for Twitter…eh, I’m not much of a fan, I just follow a handful of friends. If you want though you can check me out:




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