Writing Log #11: A bit of discouragement, a bit of encouragement

First of all, HAPPY AMERICA DAY! 😀 😀 😀 😀

In less happy news, however…uuurgh, I haven’t been able to write as much as I’d hoped. It’s not a total loss–I’ve been managing a steady 2000 words per day for the past week, which is certainly better than nothing. It’s not quite the 5000 words per day I’d hoped for, though. I’m still stuck on chapter 67 ;_; I suppose there may be a couplereasons for this:

1: I’ve been getting distracted a lot by things IRL. I may write a post about this later, but I seem to have been infected by a nearly irrepressible wanderlust…I’ve been spending most of my time driving everywhere I can. Maybe it’s because I know I won’t have time to drive places when I head back to grad school, or perhaps it’s just because I’m getting older…

2: This chapter itself may be particularly difficult. It’s changed a LOT since its first inceptions. Originally, it and chapter 67 were supposed to be one, then I considered splitting that one big chapter into *3,* and now I’m thinking I could just cut out a battle scene and keep it a two-parter. Urrrgh…I do have a decently clear idea of how I want things to go after chapter 68, though. Maybe once this crucible is over, I’ll be able to make a *ton* of progress on the next few chapters. 😀 Wish me luck on that front, friends…


One comment

  1. I know that frustation! I have no good advice besides ‘give it a few days and hopefully you’ll get an epiphany.’ Failing that, I guess all you can do is focus and keep ploughing through.

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