New friends

Hot damn, yesterday was the hottest-rated EVER for my blog! Got 80+ visitors and nearly 200 views, new records for me! Guess Reddit caught wind of me ;o If you guys are new here, I gotta tell you that this blog isn’t normally about gender stuff. I post more about my fanfiction 😀 I write for Fire Emblem, and just updated mah fics. Check em out!



  1. Ellie · · Reply

    Gunlord are you a jayma follower or something? I noticed you liked this post:

    1. I like Jayman’s, yes. It’s nice to see it’s at least possible for someone to buy into “HBD” stuff without being insane about it like Heartiste.

      1. Jayman creeps me out tbh :/

  2. Are you part of that tribe, by any chance? :s

    1. What tribe, HBD? Eh, kinda-sorta. I acknowledge that there are biological factors affecting intelligence and personality, but I question the extent to which they’re tied to race, and I suppose genetics. For instance, there’s a correlation between lead and crime:

      And that’s just one example, I’d wager there are plenty of other ‘biological’ factors ranging from nutrition to pathogen load that can explain differences in outcomes between races without resorting to “some people are genetically destined to be hewers of wood and drawers of water!”

      That’s the other reason I’m not eager to hop into the HBD camp, btw, even if I don’t dismiss everything they say out of hand. I like Jayman because he comes across as a decent guy who treats everyone with respect, regardless of his scientific beliefs. The same can’t be said for more than a few HBDers, who often run the gamut from alarmists who think Idiocracy is a documentary to Klansmen without the robes.

      In general, I’m not in the habit of pigeonholing myself into tribes or camps. I take the good I can find and discard the bad, really.

  3. Okay. What is your view of the hdd chick girl?

    I’m of the view that most who subscribe to that ‘sphere’ aren’t doing it with benevolent intentions or neutrality. Then again, who’s neutral? For me, human variation is a thing, but the particular “sphere” seems to have built a cult around a certain view towards human variation. Bit creepy, really.

    I usually just stick to google scholar for stuff like this, since I’ve discovered that blogs tend to be quote-mining extrodinaire

    1. I’ve heard about her but pay no attention to her, to the extent that I haven’t even read a single one of her entries. I always got the impression she was just a Heartiste groupie, not much more or less.

      That’s a reasonable view, I think. You’re right that it can be a cult a lot of the time, a lot of the more hardcore HBDers both A: Forget there are human beings behind the statistics and such things as outliers exist, and B: Believe that biology is somehow immutable, which of course defeats the purpose of studying it in many cases.

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