Writing Log #7: Unexpected Amalgamations

Disappointment and satisfaction this week, my friends. On the one hand, disappointment: Rather than a bunch of chapters, I only managed to (mostly) finish one of Wayward Son. On the other hand, this one chapter encompasses what was originally planned out to be 4 separate chapters! So, while I would have liked to have gotten more done, I’m not entirely unhappy. Maybe next week–the beginning of April–will see more chapters done, though I also have a trip to take…

Now, why did I turn 4 chapters into one? Well, without giving too much away, the holy book in Wayward Son’s fantasy setting (Fire Emblem 7) is portrayed in that fic as having 4 large sections, sort of like how the Bible in our world has the Old Testament and the New Testament. Much like the Old Testament is larger than the New Testament, though, one part of that holy book is much larger than the rest. The chapter focusing on that large book would likely be as big as the ones focusing on the other three put together. So I thought I’d compile all of them into a single chapter, since they’re all related thematically. The chapter will likely be pretty long–around 26 – 28 thousand words when I finish it–but the longest chapter of Wayward Son is nearly 30,000 words long, so I think I should be alright. 8)



  1. Cormag Ravenstaff · · Reply

    26-28k? Wow, that’s a lot. If you don’t mind me asking, which chapter is the longest in WS?

    1. Chapter 39, “Peace,” at 29,740 words 🙂

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