Welcome, welcome, anon meme visitors

Odd note: Apparently, I’ve been found out by the people on some anonymous Fire Emblem meme thing. My stat counter shows a trackback from there. Quite strange, since, as I’ve mentioned before, I’m pretty much done with the FE fandom. I’m sticking around to finish some of my fics and then I’m gettin’ out of here. Some attention is being paid to my manosphere/MGTOW entries, along with, of course, my ~*misogyny*~ and 5everalone/virgin4lyfestyle (in their words). Now that’s a real blast from the past, haven’t dealt with that since 2011.

I’ll not complain about that or even deny it, though I’ll note once more that my manosphere/MGTOW entries are actually criticizing those folks, not supporting them. I may be a forever alone hermit, but even I find those kooks annoying, as you’ll figure out if you actually read what I wrote. I’ve no use for their silly acronyms and circlejerking. Again, though, that doesn’t mean I’m some kind of diehard feminist, and I guess if that makes me an (un)classy gentleman, I surely deserve your vitriol.

Don’t think I deserve too much of it, though. One of the biggest problems of that anon meme–and this has been pointed out by several “nonnies” on it, actually–is its habit of “calling out” people who haven’t actually done anything. From what I’ve gathered, there are indeed abusive users who go around harassing other people, and they deserve to be condemned. However, there are entire threads mocking people mercilessly–for post after post after post–who just beta-read a “problematic” fic, or included a questionable story arc in a comic, or just have unpleasant headcanons or a dislike for certain characters. The latter two may be annoying, but unless they’re vomiting their opinions all over the Internet (which most of them aren’t), there’s little reason to spend that much time on them. The same applies to me–I may be an unpleasant man with unpleasant opinions, but I’ve given up trolling, turned over a new leaf, and spent the past few years trying to do good and focusing on positivity rather than negativity, like helping out with fansubbing anime. Add that to how I’m barely part of the FE fandom, and it seems to me the anon meme has chosen a strange target.

I don’t think I’ll be a target for long, though. I won’t link to your meme here, ‘nonnies’–I don’t really want my friends to “white knight” for me over at your, uh, community (Protip: “We’re marginally better than /b/!” is hardly a compliment). They’ve got better things to do and I don’t feel like wasting their time. However, I have requested the mod to delete the thread mentioning me and to delete any more that may in the future. I have almost no connection to the FE fandom at this point in my life and I’ll leave entirely when I’m done with Wayward Son, The Last Red Shoulder, and A Puppet’s History, and leaving reviews for some of my friends who are still there. There is, therefore, very little reason for my name to pop up on an FE-related meme.

Still, I suppose I can’t get rid of you entirely. I’m sure you’ll pass my name around on your tumblrs or dreamwidths or wherever. That being the case, I’d actually invite you to hang around my blog for a while. I’m not gonna go private as I did with my LJ, as there’s not as much stuff about my personal life here. I don’t mind new readers, even if they disagree with me or outrightly dislike me. So go ahead, read a few more of my entries. Maybe even a permavirgin can raise a good point every now and then. Broken clock’s gotta be right twice a day, eh? My views on women may not please you, but perhaps you’ll find one of my book or videogame reviews edifying. And even if you hate everything else I’ve written, that would satisfy me.


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