Dragonar 12 – Land of Norway

Episode 12 of Metal Armor Dragonar for you guys~~~~:D


I suppose it’s a tradition, at this point: Sorry for the wait, everyone! But I do have a new episode of Dragonar for you, and of course in better news, I assure you that Dragonar is chugging along faster than these releases imply. Gorge is actually done with episode 21 and starting on 22 in terms of the Italian translation. We’re just waiting on Starseeker to finish up with Layzner (only 1 more ep to go!!!) and then Dragonar should come out faster 😀

Anyways, in this episode there’s food, fun, and a Giganos attack…all in Norway! Everybody loves Norway:


Man, I love Starseeker and Gorge’s little back and forth in the translation notes. As always, ITA-ENG sub track is white, JPN-ENG sub track is yellow. Anyways, come get it here.

Torrent: http://www.nyaa.se/?page=view&tid=522536

DDL: https://mega.co.nz/#!l9MSFY6Q!Cvebx1w-P8ipC5JR7KxEMwBLong75X22pPFErO1VmRU

Lastly, this is the first episode that has some particularly interesting translation-related tidbits, so I’ll…

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