Writing Log #3 and Musings on Scheduling

This hasn’t been a bad week for my writing. While I haven’t reached my previous records of 10k words a night, I’ve managed to barrel through much of The Last Red Shoulder. I might even be able to finish it up this week, at which point I’ll be able to get back to work on Wayward Son.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m not really 100% pleased with TLRS, and after I’m done with it I’ll do a “post-mortem” post about what I think went wrong with it. Still, I think I’ve managed to surpass most of the roadblocks and plot holes that gave me trouble. Whether I finish it this week or early next month, I’ll certainly be glad it’s over and satisfied that I managed to put out a complete fic. But moving on (well, back) to Wayward Son…as eager as I am to do that, it poses its own problems in terms of time management.

I actually have more than a few other things on my plate. Not much video-game time for me recently, but even devoting myself entirely to my work, I’ve got so much stuff to do that time is at more than a bit of a premium for me. My list includes:

1: Review a lot of my friends’ work on fanfiction.net. That doesn’t take too much time, but it does add up.

2: Got a *lot* of reading on various subjects I wanna do, both for personal enrichment and (perhaps) professional goals. That’ll take up much of my time, maybe six hours a day.

3: As y’all know, I’m also working on fansubbing Metal Armor Dragonar. While my job isn’t as hard as translating (Starseeker does the Japanese translations, and Gorgewall does the Italian), it does take some time to both set up the subtitles correctly and review everything after it’s done.

4: Actually working on Wayward Son itself, which involves more than just writing. I have to:

A: Re-familiarize myself with Wayward Son. That means going through the past 800,000 words of it all. XD

B: Re-familiarize myself with Fire Emblem 7. This might be tough for me, since as I mentioned before I’ve lost a lot of my interest in the FE games 😦 Still, maybe just looking at the script will suffice…it would be faster at least, haha!

C: Finally, do a lot of research for Wayward Son. That alone might be as much work as my personal/professional reading, as I want a stronger grasp of the real-life Bible and Catholicism before working on the fanfic counterparts that show up in Wayward Son.

I have to figure out how to juggle all these responsibilities simultaneously. I’ll probably have to make a schedule of some sort for all of ’em. Ah, the joys of time management. It’s gonna be a lot of work, but I just have to pull through it somehow. Wish me luck! 😀


  1. Whoa, I’m always surprised by your incredible wordcount productivity. I’m happy if I can reach 1k a day….
    Those are some ambitious goals, but I’m sure you’re capable of attaining them! Good luck!

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