Snow Days

A shorter and lighthearted entry for you today, but I hope it won’t be too disappointing this time. Just some thoughts I’ve been entertaining ever since I’ve had a few days “off” due to inclement weather.

I live in the Northeast, and we’ve been getting hit quite hard by freezing weather and snowstorms recently. As a result, my area’s had quite a few snow days—where everything’s closed, including schools, jobs, businesses, and so on.

It’s a funny thing. When I was a kid, I used to absolutely crave snow days. Nothing would brighten up my day faster than the knowledge I wouldn’t have to head in for school and could stay in all day playing videogames or doing whatever. Now, though…to be honest, snow days sort of annoy me. I find them to be a mild inconvenience.

I suppose it’s another difference between childhood and maturity, in addition to some of the (perhaps depressing) ones I mentioned here. Why would this be so? Perhaps it’s the difference in freedom one enjoys in childhood compared to adulthood. When I was a kid, I didn’t really have much freedom of movement. I couldn’t drive, which means I couldn’t really go anywhere (to the library, to stores, to restaurants, etc.) even if I wanted to. The only thing I could really do (without asking my parents) was stay at home all day and do what I normally did (watch TV, play videogames, read, maybe go outside to make snowmen, etc). As an adult with his own driver’s license, though, the world is pretty much my oyster. I can take my car and go anywhere/do pretty much anything I want. On snow days, however, that freedom is severely circumscribed. Sure, I can still drive (though in bad weather that’s an *extremely* bad idea), but when everything is closed, there’s nothing for me to really do. My only choice is to stay home, just as it was when I was a kid.

So I guess the annoyance of snow days in adulthood, for me, has to do with the opportunities lost as an adult where they never existed as a kid (i.e snow days didn’t cost me anything back then). When a boy’s only alternative to going to school is staying home and having fun, snow days seem great—he may not be able to go anywhere else, but since he can’t go anywhere else, it’s no big loss. But when a man can go places, it annoys him a great deal when weather keeps him from doing so.

Now, if he has a job, a day off can be really nice. On the other hand, it depends on what sort of job it is. My old job (which I may come back to after I’m done with grad school) was based more on hours than anything else, meaning that I could come in pretty much whenever as long as I put in 50 hours a month total. So all a snow day would’ve meant for me is that I’d have to put in more hours later (i.e work longer next week) if I couldn’t come in today.

Of course, if one is unemployed, then snow days are even more meaningless…along with weekends too, I guess. That’s what Kenny’s dad told Kyle’s in the Chickenpox episode of “South Park,” at least, haha!

Finally, one last reason I don’t like snow days: I don’t like the cold too much. I know, why live in the Northeast if you don’t like cold, but still…I like—well, love—this region’s summers, but I much prefer warm weather to ice. Maybe my dislike of snow has deepened since I was a kid, but at this point in my life, I like things nice and warm. XD



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