Quick Vindictus note

Pair of bugs which have really been pissing me off lately:

1: If you alt+tab out of the game for a second while a boat is loading, it’ll crash entirely and give you an error message in Korean.2: The game disconnects constantly, and I don’t think it’s just my internet connection. It’s DCd twice while I was transformed as a Paladin, giving me NO transformation XP AND blowing my chance to transform for the rest of the hour. This is an extremely, EXTREMELY annoying bug and I hope Nexon fixes it.

Knowing Nexon NA, of course, they won’t. That branch of Nexon, at least, strikes me as horrendously run. Their servers are almost always slow and only intermittently functional, their maintenances (schedules or not) almost never do anything to solve the problem, the game is full of bots despite their best efforts, and overall Vindictus is an increasingly irritating, stressful, and tedious experience, completely the opposite of fun or entertaining. This is despite the game itself being rather good in terms of its action gameplay and very good in terms of graphics.


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