Gunlord’s Writing Log #2

Whoo…this week wasn’t much better than the last, but it was a little better. After being struck by some inspiration at one point, I think I managed to get 3000 words down on the latest chapter (unreleased) of Wayward Son, and maybe 1000 words on the latest (unreleased) chapter of The Last Red Shoulder. Some thoughts on my experiences…

1: Maybe rather than working on two fics at a time, I ought to focus on finishing one, namely the smaller novella (The Last Red Shoulder). Right now I’m trying to finish a chapter of TLRS and a chapter of WS every week, but shifting focus between two different stories might not be a wise idea…perhaps it’s better to focus on one only. I think it might be easier to get into and stay in “the zone,” so to speak, when my mind is set within one place and time period rather than going back and forth throughout the week. Again, I have a few chapters of Wayward Son way ahead of schedule, so I should be able to buckle down and finish TLRS before I run into any deadlines…

2: Plowing through the latest chapter of Wayward Son that I have, it occurs to me that I may have a lot more research to do. I need to think of the structure of the Eliminean Church and the layout of its holy books a great deal more…I’ll have to read the Bible along with some books from or relating to Catholicism, like St. Augustine’s Confessions, the Rule of St. Benedict, and any general works on that Church and its history.

After finishing TLRS, though. Let’s see if I can finish the whole story by…the end of the first week of January.


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