[X-nebula-/m/subs] Baxinger 01




Well I bet you we’re expecting this, ey? A year’s worth of polite nagging e-mails paid off.

Anyways, here we have Baxinger, the 2nd of the J9 series. 600 years after the end of Bryger and the planetary re-organisation that ensues, Earth is orbited by 30 odd new planets. But this new frontier is wild and lawless. In this world a new J9-II team forms to bring some degree of order and, of course, make money.


Translator notes for this ep:

The setting is loosely based on the Bakumatsu period of Japanese history, when the existing Shogunate government collapsed due to a mixture of internal pressures and the intervention of European powers. I’ll go into more detail as things come up.

The term translated as “Gale” in “Galactic Gale” is 烈風 (reppuu). The first character on its own 烈 (retsu), meaning violent, extreme etc; is what’s on their…

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