Some Favorite Quotes from the Internet

Another lighthearted entry for you this week, my friends. Today, I’ll just give you a few funny quotes I’ve encountered from my friends on the Internet! Some will be sourced, but others I got from places which weren’t archived, like 4chan before the creation of the foolz archives, or deleted Livejournal posts. You’ll have to trust me on their provenance XD

“Peace is more than the absence of war.”
–My friend Trail Snake.

“Justice delivered with bias can never be true justice.”
–Anonymous on /m/.

“The best /m/an is the one who treats /m/ankind as he would his close friends.”

–Another anonymous on /m/.

“People show their true colors when they’re unafraid of punishment.”
–My friend Neonclover, on Livejournal.

“I grew up in Korea and every day I would have to get up at 5:30 AM just to get ready for school, then ride a train for over an hour from the boonies just to get to a “good school” where because I had a tan they would bully me relentlessly. Because if you have a tan, it means you must be a farmer, and therefore must be poor. At least in America it’s just mostly about race. Once everyone is all the same race it starts getting really ugly.”
–Anonymous from /v/ on his childhood in Korea, a fairly homogenous nation.

“Somewhere along the line (the ’80s, maybe?), feminism curved back in on itself and became repressive in ways that rival religious fundamentalism.”

–Anonymous from /m/, commenting on how some random feminist thought fanservice in mecha shows was as bad as women getting stoned to death for not wearing burkas in some countries.

“Children are badasses because they have no fear and are still clueless about how the world works.

Teenagers are angsty because they face a lot of changes inside and outside and the world starts to pile expectations on them.

Adults are cowards and hypocrites because they have seen, heard, been burned and learnt to adapt.

Heroes are those who bend the rules of childhood, adolescence and adulthood.”

–Anonymous /m/an on heroism as portrayed in mecha anime 😀

“Shit man, first rule of trolling is that you have to have thick skin.

The second rule is, if you make fun of someone’s desk, they just might make everyone think you’re a 22 year old girl from Oklahoma, stuck in a man’s body with a penguin fetish when all you REALLY have is the penguin fetish.”


“Even if the promise of heavenly reward represents yet another example of reciprocal altruism, at least the bills do not come due this side of the grave.”

>Walking thorugh shopping center

>Turn the corner

>See a midget pushing a wheelbarrow full of bread rolls

>I smile at him

>He turns to me and says “No crossiants today, boss”

–From a WAT moments thread on /r9k/  XD XD

“I’m now imagining Tomino starting a Gundam religion. Pretty sure between Kill’em all Tomino and Happy Tomino we’ve already got the old and new testament. Christians would have nothing on the kill count his fanatics would dish out.”

–Anonymous on /m/

And finally..

It’s not just that they’re Steam prostitutes, which is strange enough in and of itself. It’s that they’re Steam prostitutes who roleplay exclusively as Touhous. It just baffles me.

–Anonymous on /v/. XD XD XD

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