Dragonar 10 (and TL notes)

Something I’ve been working on~~~


It’s been ages, my friends, but hot on the heels of our Layzner release, ol’ Gunlord is finally ready to show off what he and some friends have been working on for a while! Taking up where GARlock left off, here’s episode 10 of Metal Armor Dragonar. However, this isn’t just a translation from the Japanese. Since GARlock is gone, and all the other Japanese translators are busy, I thought that translating Dragonar from an easier language more closely related to English might be more efficient. As it happens, Yamato Video dubbed Dragonar in Italian some time back, complete with nice, pre-timed Italian subs ready for translation! Delighted, I bought the Italian DVDs and found some Italians to translate them to English. Lostmax did eps 10 and 11, while Gorgewall picks up from 12 onwards. Even better, our lovely Starseeker agreed to look over the Italian subs and check them…

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