Gunlord’s Favorite Harlock Quotes

One of my favorite animes is Space Pirate Captain Harlock, a pretty old TV series from the 70s conceived by the famous Leiji Matsumoto. It definitely shows its age: The animation isn’t great and the show can be quite cheesy at times, being a kid’s cartoon series and all. Still, the character of Harlock himself and the themes he addresses strike me as very lasting, relevant even today. I may do a review of this series later, but for today I’d like to share some of my favorite quotes from this anime (beware of spoilers!):

Episode 1:

The backstory: “When the oceans of the world dried up, people said the end of mankind had come. They lamented their fate, and closed their eyes to the limitless ocean overhead. A small few gritted their teeth, believing in a bright new future for mankind, and embarked upon this new infinite ocean–Space. People pointed their fingers and laughed, calling them outlaws chasing empty dreams. This is the story of such a time. The year is 2977 AD…

“In that era, mankind was prosperous. They sent robots into space to exploit the resources of other planets and ship them back to Earth. Everything was provided by the state so there was no need for people to work. Nonetheless, the government feared an eventual revolt, so, they inserted subliminal signals in the audio-visual feeds so that the people were content to watch and do nothing else. Captain Harlock feared for the future of humanity under such conditions, and rebelled against the Government, becoming a pirate…”

–Mr. Narrator

“Harlock will go, no matter what anyone says. Harlock is a man who keeps his word. No matter how small the promise, he’ll keep it regardless of his own safety.”

Episode 3:

“If you are a man, you’ll do what’s important before you grieve.”

“You may not think much of it, but if you are a true man, you’ll come aboard the Arcadia. And you’ll fight with us under the flag of freedom.”

Episode 4:

“I fight for no one’s sake. I only fight for something deep within my heart.”

“Everyone has the right to secrets.”

“With who will I defend the Earth, where Father and Mother sleep?”

“You fight for what you believe in. No one will force you.”

Ep. 5:

“Daiba, coming through many trials like this will make you a man. A man of space with an iron will.”

Ep. 6:

“If he can sleep, he’ll be just fine. A man who can sleep well will be outstanding.”

Ep. 7: One of the manliest quotes so far:

“Even if the enemy is hard to forgive, I pay the greatest respect to those who died in the line of duty. I wish to die with that belief. Even as she’s eternally sleeping, that Mazone is performing some duty. Is that not a magnificent existence?”
–Harlock, when Daiba asks him to mess with a Mazone’s grave that seems to be trasnmitting a signal.

Ep. 8:
“Why can’t you accept it, Daiba? This life of wandering, searching for a place to die?”

“Everyone on this ship has different thoughts. No one else needs to know such things. You fight for your beliefs. You only need to fight for the sake of what is in your heart.”

Ep. 9:

First Mate: He’s gotten tough, but he’s not a certified pirate yet.

Android: That’s Daiba’s good point!

“When I lived on Jura, I thought it would be fine if all the corrupt Jurans were to die. But I should not have thought such a thing. Now that I know for certain that none of my kind remains, I understand all too well. Never become alone. Even to have a hated enemy is better. To be left with no one is so sorrowful…so lonely…”

–Miime, ep. 21

Harlock ep. 26:

“No matter how you temper it, steel without pliancy will be brittle. The same is true for a heart without mercy.”

“Ypu have a kind of pride. But it’s a woman’s pride. A man’s pride is not the same thing.”

“Earth may have its corrupt people, but I’ll lay down my life for the value it has.”

Ep. 29:
“A man learns little by little in battle. Take this battle experience and become a man who can’t be beaten.”

“Combat sacrifices love, joy, sadness, even hatred. However, there is something that can be won only through a loss.”
–Mr. Narrator

“There’s a time when a man must find a place to die.”

–Captain Harlock, ep. 33

“I’ve no kind of beliefs, much less any kind of faith. I’m just searching for a place to die…It’s my hope that the battle with the Mazone will provide me with a fitting place to die. Come to think of it, the Mazone queen has a pitiful existence. Unlike someone like me, as ruler of her race, Rafflesia has no freedom to die.”

–Harlock, ep. 36


  1. Hm…I haven’t watched Harlock before, but it sounds pretty interesting. Think I might check it out now 🙂

    1. Cool 😀 😀

  2. Captain Harlock… A man I would follow and fight for!

    1. Damn right, brother!

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    I am Defiance.

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